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Essay A Western Identity Crisis - 739 Words

This country was founded by immigrants and is known for its population from a wide array of cultural backgrounds. Living in a westernized society that is so diverse, we are forced to choose an identity for ourselves at one point or another in our lives. Some choose to identify by their outer qualities, while others may identify by their inner qualities. One may identify by their looks, gender, sexuality, political views, or their beliefs. Some may have an identity that is dynamic and ever changing depending on the events faced in life, or some my identify by a single aspect throughout their whole life. Some may even struggle finding an identity due to the countless influence both conscious and unconscious. â€Å"In the Borderlands of Chicano†¦show more content†¦According to Saenz, our identities are shaped by our surroundings. He describes a student: â€Å"He did not produce himself. He is a product. And the word product here should not be confused with victim. Though we may all occupy different positions in the material world, we are all products of the cumulative discourse around us† (Saenz 71). We are products of our environment, and the course each of us takes in life is dependent on how we allow the discourse to shape us and our beliefs. Choosing an identity is necessary, and many of us are forced to have more than one identity. We have an identity that we choose, a private identity, and are forced to also have a public identity. Our public identity is shaped by politics and our cultural surroundings. According to Saenz, â€Å"the West’s obsession began with Plato and Aristotle and was extended by (among others) Thomas Aquinas, Augustine, Descartes, Locke, Hume, Heidegger and Marx† (75). This obsession with political identity continues into present day and the West’s obsession has a great impact on our public identity. Our public identity is not one that we may necessarily choose, but rather is forced upon us by othe rs. While some say â€Å"we are all the same. We all love, we all hate, we all dream, we all will die. We feel. We all feel† (73). There is so little truth behind such a statement. We are not all the same, not genetically,Show MoreRelatedThe Iranian Hostage Crisis Of 19791667 Words   |  7 PagesThe Iranian Hostage Crisis of 1979 was an event that profoundly impacted Western-Iranian relations, to the extent that its residual effects still linger today. Iran’s revolution of 1979 resulted in a regime change that saw U.S.-supported Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi toppled by the formerly-exiled Ayotollah Khomeini, who promptly instated a strongly anti-Western regime that established itself as ideologically in direct opposition to many Western values. This anti-Western, and particularly anti-AmericanRead MoreRussian Annexation Of Donetsk And Luhansk Oblasts Due1674 Words   |  7 PagesThe Ukraine crisis has emerged from a domestic conflict and developed into an internationa l issue because of the Russian federation intervention. The evolution of the Ukrainian crisis demonstrated the inability of the international community to handle it in a timely manner and prevent conflict escalation and ultimate stalemate. Although Ukrainian separatists seek to follow the Crimean strategy, many Western countries are strongly opposing to the Russian annexation of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts dueRead MoreIdentity Crisis Of Asian Americans1276 Words   |  6 PagesAmericans themselves have self-identity issue of being as â€Å"Americans†. This paper will be divided into three major parts. The first part of this paper is going to discuss identity crisis of Asian Americans as well as the two sides of biculturalism. Then following by some brief knowledge of the progress Asian Americans made on assimilation and acculturation. In the end, the stereotypes and racial discrimination Asian Americans are facing will also be mentioned. Identity and Biculturalism Like many otherRead MoreThe Impact Of Colonization On The Indigenous People Of Rhodesia Nervous Conditions 1711 Words   |  7 Pagesemerges in the native community is a disruption of identity resulting from an influx of colonial European ideals. As a result of colonization, the native identity is subjected to threats of marginalization by the invasion and domination of European cultural practices and language. The detrimental impact of colonization on the indigenous people of Rhodesia in Nervous Conditions is illustrated by the dominance of the British Empires colonial European identity, which is perpetuated by the conception thatRead MoreThe Interview On The Chinese Identity Of The Hong Kong1634 Words   |  7 Pagesautobiographical. One advantage is that the reported personal episodes and inferences explains the intentions of actions and feelings. (Polkinghorne, 1995) It also further explain what extent the Chinese identity of the Hong Kong next generation is established and ho w it is based on the ethno-cultural and civic identity. (Bond Hewstone, 1988) I. Interview One: Negative stereotypes of the Mainland ‘Imagine Youtube, Facebook and Google are prohibited after 2047; Imagine Hong Kong is full of black smog and rubbishRead MoreDevelopmental Concept : Identity And Identity Confusion1369 Words   |  6 PagesDevelopmental Concept # 1: Identity versus Identity Confusion According to Erikson, good relationships have a strong sense of fidelity. This means that, when fidelity is well established between people, genuine and secure relationships can be formed, leading to a sense of belonging. Erikson’s fifth stage of psychosocial development, identity versus identity confusion, describes the crisis that adolescents face, usually between the ages of 12 to 18 (Papalia Martorell, 2015). During these formativeRead More A Cultural Problem, an Economic Crisis1099 Words   |  5 PagesIn the past two years, Western society has experienced what many of its leaders have called the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. At the very least, it has been the worst period of instability that our younger generations have ever seen in their lifetimes. But unlike other financial crises that have largely been triggered by external forces, such as the oil embargoes of the 1970’s, this latest one was a product of our own internal policies and practices; even more so, of our culturalRead MoreAdolescence as a Time of Storm and Stress1386 Words   |  6 Pagesestablish a sense of identity. The formation of an identity is vitally important as it enables the individual to cope well with the demands of life and to form adult relationships. If this crisis is not resolved then a lack of identity (or role confusion) results which can lead to four kinds of behaviour. 1. Negative identity- an extreme identity is adopted e.g. taking on the role of a delinquent or drug abuser. Since a more functional role cannot be found, ‘a negative role identity is better thanRead MoreDevelopment of Self Essay606 Words   |  3 Pagesconcept. Self concept is their identity, of their set of beliefs about what they are like as individuals. Most preschoolers give inaccurate statements about their self concept. They usually overestimate their skills and knowledge. Preschool-age children also begin to develop a view of self that reflects their particular culture considers the self. An example of this would be to look at the different views as self between the Western culture and the Asian culture. Western cultures believe that an individualRead MoreMormon Masculinity Changing Gender Expectations1166 Words   |  5 PagesPatterson argue that during the era of transition from polygamy to monogamy, there was a perceived crisis in the lives of Mormon boys. These events together resulted in a change in the notion of masculinity in the LDS church. Their thesis was â€Å"..during the period from 1890 to 1920, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) perceived a crisis in the lives of their boys. That sense of crisis lay at the surface of an even deeper cultural upheaval taking place within Mormondom....With

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The Inner Machinations Of My Mind Are An Enigma - 979 Words

Battling the Psyche in Fifth Business The Inner Machinations of my mind are an enigma. (Spongebob Squarepants, 1999). Meaning that the mind is a complicated element of a person. A psychoanalysis lens looks at the conflicts, the characters and their dreams, like an insight into one s mind. It focuses also on their psyche and the complications within themselves. The novel Fifth Business by Robertson Davies portrays how the mind can take control as seen through individual characters such a Dunstable Ramsey who is engulfed by a lifetime of undeserved guilt. It is important to know that the characters Dunstable, Percy and Paul go through a transitional phase and results in their names changing. Through these phases, a developing†¦show more content†¦He displays immature characteristics from his younger age. Paul, unlike Dunstable and Percy, goes through three dramatic changes. His name is changed in his last transition to Magnus Eisengrim. This was the stage of Paul’s fina l and greatest transition. He finds himself and balances his id and superego. My real name is Magnus Eisengrim; that is who I am and that is how the world knows me. But before I found out who I was, I was called Paul Dempster, (Fifth Business, 249). Before his rebirths, Paul was insecure, quiet and sheltered. After his rebirth, Magnus is a powerful man, successful and outgoing. Next, Percy Boyd Staunton, lives his life in denial. Percy values materialistic things over relationships. Percy is self-obsessed and egotistic. Percy does not have a strong relationship with his family and he uses his closest friend for personal gain. Percy never took responsibility for his actions. Percy contrasts the main character Dunstan. This makes him a very hard character to like because he believes he is higher than others. Percy s id controls him with this especially. His materialistic values cause an imbalance within himself and he chooses his wants over his needs. Percy s transformation takes plac e when he changes his name to Boy (Boyd) and becomes a successful business man. He becomes more successful than his father. Percy s id takes control when his desire for sex becomes unsustainable and he has an affair. Boy says toShow MoreRelated The Tower Pig Essay1292 Words   |  6 Pagesby all the prisoners at the facility. â€Å"Pain, joy, worry, are shielded away until the cell doors slam and we’re alone in our solitude. For ten days in the hole, I had nothing to do but hate Strazinsky, the Tower Pig, for putting me there, and to mourn my grandmother, finally to sick to visit.† When we are first introduced to Caine, he has just come out of â€Å"The Hole.† The Hole is presumably a slang expression for a non-corporal punishment, which implies the use of isolation for the involved offenderRead More Importance of Thinking in Troilus and Criseyde and Hamlet Essay3509 Words   |  15 Pages9-10). We find our ubiquitous cliche soon afterwards inserted in a conv ersation on the prison-like nature of Denmark: â€Å"for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so: to me it is a prison†(2.2.255-257). With this epistemology in mind, it is not difficult to see how a cloud ) may be weasel-like, and â€Å"very like a whale†in the next instant. Such is our power to determine truth: we name it so, and so it is. Hamlet’s remark is that of one who has suddenly been bathed in the realityRead MoreRastafarian79520 Words   |  319 Pagesp. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-19-513376-5 1. Rastafari movement. 2. Jamaica—Religious life and customs. I. Title. BL2532.R37 E36 2002 299†².676—dc21 2002074897 v To Donnaree, my wife, and Donnisa, my daughter, the two persons around whom my life revolves; and to the ancestors whose struggles have enabled us to survive and thrive This page intentionally left blank Foreword One of the most useful things about Ennis Edmondss Rastafari: From Outcasts

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Informed consent is a process Free Essays

Informed consent is a process by which the physician obtains authorization from the patient to undergo a particular medical intervention, after explaining the details, its benefits and the risks, and existence of any available alternative, in a manner which the patient comprehends the best.   It can be oral or written, and can be implied (situation arises in which a consent has to be given) or expressed (consent which is specifically mentioned).   A physician has to obtain informed consent before performing any procedure. We will write a custom essay sample on Informed consent is a process or any similar topic only for you Order Now A procedure carried out without the patient’s knowledge, or any deviation in the intervention carried out, without informing the patient amounts to ‘battery’ (a tort of causing harm deliberately).   However, there are certain circumstance under which informed consent need not or cannot be obtained, including public health situations, medical emergencies, incompetence of the patient, therapeutic privilege or a voluntary relinquishment from the patient. In a public health emergency, consent form the individual is not mandatory as a clash between the patient’s rights and the public rights; would result in the rights of the public prevailing (as more number or people would be affected).   In such emergencies, it may be required to treat or quarantine people, sometimes against their will. During a medical emergency, consent is usually not required, because in such situations the patient is unable to give one.   Obtaining consent may in fact take a lot of time and may delay life-saving procedures.   Studies have shown that consent obtained from patient’s requiring emergency care often lead to development of fear.   Some people felt that in such situations they were more often left without any choice.   Other studies have shown that physicians are more likely to do something beneficially for the patient, in such situations. A physician need not obtain consent from a patient, if he perceives that he/she is incompetent to make a decision about their good health.   Treatment provided in such situations would be deemed as ‘in the best interests of the patient’.   In some cases, the patient may have a condition that affects his/her thinking abilities.   However, if the physician feels that the patient’s condition is not going affect his/her decision-making abut health; then it would always be better to obtain prior consent. Therapeutic privilege is a condition in which the physician need not inform the patient about certain issues in an effort to prevent further harm to the patient.   A physician need not inform the patient if he/she feels that it can cause unnecessary mental tensions.   However, this benefit is often misused by physicians. Some patients may voluntarily give up their rights to give consent, and instead allow the physician to perform the necessary procedures.   In such situations, informed consent is usually not necessary. Consent is usually not needed for routine or minor interventions, as the physician may feel that it is usually implied, considering the fact that the patient has come forward seeking medical care.   However, for interventions in which the risks are significantly higher, consent is mandatory. References: Akkada, Andrea, Jacksona, Clare, Kenyona, Sara, Dixon-Woodsb, Mary, Taubb, Nick , Habibaa, Marwan (2004). â€Å"Informed consent for elective and emergency surgery: questionnaire study.† BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics Gynaecology, 111(100), 1133. Foà «x, B. A. (2001). â€Å"The problem of informed consent in emergency medicine research.† Emergency Medicine Journal, 18, 198-204    How to cite Informed consent is a process, Essay examples

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Social Networking in Business for Technology - MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Social Networking in Businessfor Information Technology Answer: Introduction For the recent past, the world seems to be so small, just like a village where people can be able to communicate to each other though not together. It has been, aged this way by the networks which has promoted diverse scope of social human beings. In business too, there has been a rampant change on the perception of business and networking. Companies and organizations have shifted their attention from formal business advertisements to nowadays where social networks are the medium of channeling business informatics and advertisements to and among the people of the globe. However, the drives have come from the need of many companies to extend their markets all over the world (Cocosila and Igonor, 2015). Many firms are trying to have their products in the international markets and therefore a more effective way to do this is seen to be the social networks. This research proposal will be suggesting the advantages and the disadvantages that have been accompanied by the social networks in bossiness Project Objective The project aims to: Explore the merits and demerits of social networking in business. Review the advantages and disadvantages of using social networks in business. Investigating the reason as to why many business organization, firms and companies prefer using social networks in business. Project Scope The project will be conducted in Australia. The project scope will target the business firms and organizations that are there in Australia. For distribution of facts and findings, the scope will be based on the five states of Australia. The researcher will be required to sample out five to ten business organizations from each state. State examples are; New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia. These states will be the area of study. Review of Existing Literature Introduction Before carrying out any study, one has to go through other peoples works on your topic of discussion. It is meant to acknowledge what different scholars had previously said about your topic. The concern for this study is on the merits and demerits of social networking in business. Different sources will be used from the existing literature like journals and articles to justify the claims. Social networks can be defined as the social interaction networks where the personal relationship is included. It has brought people together and created interactions with one another (Farmery, 2013, p.350). People in any other institutions can work as a team and develop each other socially as well as economically and thus promoting the overall economy. Merits of Using Social Networking in Business The use of social media and networking in todays world is the order of business practices. The use of the social networks has prominently contributed to the success of many businesses. Though social networking promotes in communicating with mass population at a time, it also helps in stimulating the overall productivity of the business. According to Many businesses in retail sectors, tourism have benefited from this strategy. People can reach different sales businesses and make orders still at their residential through the social networks. Innovation has been emphasized by the social networking business (Holmes, 2015). Businesses has benefited from social networking through social media websites and social media marketing. This has led to decreased overall costs for purchases pf goods. The spread of information pertaining products has been eased as well. For instance, some online companies like Amazon, Jumia and many more has benefited through this. They will make adds which will notify people all over the world about a new item in the market Social networking creates opportunities to the business firms. According to Wang and Ivanova, (2014), social networking has grown to become a part of human living in business. For this reason, the companies have been able to benefit after merging their business with social networking. Many people spend a lot of time in social media channels like Facebook, the twitter, Instagram, google and mails among others. In Australia, it was proven through research that more than 85% of the individuals have an access to social media devices, apps and programs. This mean that, if a business firm uses the social media, it is likely to meet the highest number of customers. There are very many users who engages themselves in social networking in business per day. In addition, Zimmerman (2015) adds up that Social networking has highly influenced the buying behavior, thought process, education, shopping and relationships of the individual as well as encouraging customers In regards to what of Holmes (2015) says, in the present business world, it is impossible to imagine the business without social networking. Companies have been assisted to boost their earnings and therefore, they are in a position to maximize their opportunities in business. Problems in Social Networking The social networking has not been in a position to replace the existing traditional sales. It has rated to be incomplete, unreliable and is leading to distortion of information before reaching the target audience and therefore, it is leading to loss of image and reputation of the businesses. Social networking has some advantages like on the promotion and sales in business but with no good control, it leads to a significant loss to the business (Omar, 2014, p. 193). The legal basis on the social networking possess large costs for the businesses. In social networking, there is no guarantee of the business marketing if the company is unable to meet the expected standard of law and networking costs. Queensland Government (2017), attests to that, though there are some ups and downs, money and time may be wasted without any returns. The users can as well post very negative reviews and comments for the business and its products and therefore posing danger to the business. Some copyrights issues may arise and therefore your business product ideas plagiarized and improved leading to frustrations. However, amidst all these disadvantages, innovation, creativity and uniqueness should be held to very high positions for a business to do good in inline marketing. Research Question/Hypothesis Primary Question What are the merits and demerit of applying diverse social networking? Secondary Question What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the social networks in business? What are the reasons for many business organization, firms and companies to prefer using social networks in business? Research Design and Methodology Qualitative Design of the Research Reliability and Validity This entails consistency of the research elements. There will have to be a chronology and sustainability of the selected methods of research. The selected design for the research is the survey and questionnaires. Validity will call for examining the relevance of the selected designs and approaches of this research in relation to the research hypothesis and the questions together with the research aims and objectives in respect to the topic of the project research (Menezes and Devi, 2014, p.382). The data is prospected to be authentic and trustworthy. Sampling and Sample Size and Sampling Procedure Sampling will be carried out through random sampling. Each of the sample I the population has been given equal chances to participate in this research. The samples will be obtained from the Australian States. The researcher will have to identify the business firms in Australia. Among the suggested ones of this research are service industries, where 20 banks will be identified at random and the marketing department managers are the ones who are prospected to respond to the questionnaires design for this research. There is also going to have 20 production and 30 processing industries all in Australian states (Bahn and Weatherill, 2013, p. 30). The communication and marketing managers will be asked to provide the information following the business and company agreements. Five (5) online market website administrators at different capacities will be taken as samples. Finally, 50 individuals who have had encounter and knowledge in online and social marketing will be selected by purposively for the study. The total sample will therefore be 125 samples. Data Collection Method The data will be collected through the use of open and closed ended questionnaires. The items for the research will be classified in these categories so as the open headed questionnaires can help the respondents to shed their full idea without limitations posed on closed ended questions. The closed ended questionnaires will require minimal time for the research in the field. Data will also be collected by use of survey method. The researcher will survey the business environment in the context of the topic and provide the observed information for the qualitative analysis. Variability will be measured by standard deviation and the variance from the data collected. Quantitative Research Sampling, Sample Size and Procedures The quantitative research design uses quantifiable data which is analyzed as presented numerically. Sampling will be carried out by purposive sampling for this design. This is because the study in this part will require that only the people with the right information will be required. The sample presented will be the same as the one confirmed for the qualitative research. Interviewing and Questioner Design The interviews will be conducted in collection of data. The researcher will be required to draft interview questions. The questions need to be open ended as well as closed ended. Closed ended interview questions needs the interviewee to respond by short answers. The open questions require the respondent to speak much, illustrate and clarify all points that they feel to express through the research. The questionnaire will be designed to have items which will be closed ended and some will be open ended for the respondent (Bryman and Bell, 2015, p.73). The questionnaire is prospected to have an average of 25 questions, 15 closed ended questions and 10 open ended questions. Quantitative Data Analysis Process The research data will have to be numerical to be analyzed by quantitative design. The statistical methods will be used in the analysis. The Statistical Package for the social sciences will e applied to analyze this data as the tool for analysis. After the data is analyzed, it will be presented and described to test the variability and relationship between the variables. Research Limitation For each system, it is hard to have 100% efficiency. The research project is expected to have some limitations. One of them is that, the research will have a wide scope and therefore, the issue of advantages and disadvantages of social network in business may be overgeneralized. Another one is that the business firms that the research will be conducted to may be unwilling to give the correct information, especially the business firms that do not have a very smart past experience with social media in their business. The third limitation is that the research may be influenced by the researcher bias and therefore fail to prove and demonstrate. Time Schedule WEEKS ACTIVITY ACTIVITIES ALLOCATED PER WEEK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Introduction: Gathering information about the topic And the scope. Reading the existing literature Drafting and preparing the research tools Carrying out of the Field Research Data Analysis and Interpretation Writing down the final research draft Proofreading, cross checking and submission Conclusion In conclusion, there are some advantages and some of disadvantages of using social media in business. However, a firm that neglects social media can hardly penetrate through the current market competition. The businessmen should as well equip themselves with all possible means and strategies that can help them cope with social networks in their business. The world is changing, globalization is taking its part, social media and social networking is taking its course in the market and disqualifying the analogue systems of business approaches (Bala, Labont-LeMoyne, and Lger, 2017, p.95). This will be the aim of this research. To evaluate the merits and demerits of the same. Reference List Cocosila, M., and Igonor, A. 2015. How important is the social in social networking? A perceived value empirical investigation. Information Technology People, 28(2), 366-382. Wang, Y. and Ivanova, A., 2014. Social Media Strategy in the Chinese Market: Weibo Platform Case Study. Zimmerman, J. and Ng, D., 2015. Social media marketing all-in-one for dummies. John Wiley Sons. Chandon, P., Wansink, B. and Laurent, G., 2000. A benefit congruency framework of sales promotion effectiveness. Journal of marketing, 64(4), pp.65-81. Farmery, A., 2013. The Transformative Effect of Social Media: Revolutionizing Business Models. Organizations and Social Networking: Utilizing Social Media to Engage Consumers: Utilizing Social Media to Engage Consumers, p.350. Holmes, R. (2015). Why Businesses Cant Survive Without Social Media. Fortune Why Businesses Cant Survive Without Social Media Comments. Np, 17. Omar, J., 2014. Factors Influencing Social Media Marketing In Different Culture Context (Master's thesis, Universitetet i Agder; University of Agder). Menezes, C. and Devi, R., 2014. Social Media Analytics as an Emerging Tool for Behavior informatics, HR Analytics Business Process. The IASMS Journal of Business Spectrum. Smith, W R Vardiabasis, D 2010, Using social media as a competitive advantage: the case of small businesses, Problems and Perspectives in Management. Bahn, S. and Weatherill, P., 2013. Qualitative social research: a risky business when it comes to collecting sensitivedata. Qualitative Research, 13(1), pp.19-35. Bala, H., Labont-LeMoyne, E. and Lger, P.M., 2017. Neural Correlates of Technological Ambivalence: A Research Proposal. In Information Systems and Neuroscience (pp. 83-89). Springer International Publishing. Bryman, A. and Bell, E., 2015. Business research methods. Oxford University Press, USA.

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Kudler Fine Foods Problem Statement free essay sample

The following is a problem statement explaining what is currently wrong with Kudlers plans on expansion, and how they can improve these plans. Introduction After reviewing the strategic plan for Kudlers Fine Foods it is obvious there are several issues that will stunt the growth and success of the organization. The company is suffering from a lack of management and poor organization planning. The issues that will be discussed are the poorly developed expansion and growth plans, and the lack of risk management in preparation of a competitor entering the market. Problem Statement The management at Kudler Fine Foods is planning on opening a new location when all of the current locations are not successful, and the company has not done a proper analysis of the need for their services in the area. Also Kudler is not prepared for factors that may decrease the profitability of the company, or factors that can contribute to the failure of a new location. We will write a custom essay sample on Kudler Fine Foods Problem Statement or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Solution With the Del Mar location not producing profit as expected this is the location management should use to create a market research and analysis plan. By using this location they will be able to determine the factors that are hindering the success of this location and then develop ways to counteract those factors. The benefit is they will improve the business done at that location before opening a new location. By looking at factors like population, socio-economic status in locations surrounding area and health factors in the area can determine what the need are for the community. Management should also look to see where people are purchasing food in the community and what types of food and products are selling at the local grocery. If there are gourmet products selling out of the supermarket than that is a factor that needs to be accounted for. Once the market research is done Kudlers management can the focus on a risk management plan. Before a risk management plan can be established they must know what risk are out there and the market analysis and research will help the company determine what risk and challenges they face. Risk management is a part of a basic business plan, I see where threats are outlined in the strategic plan but there are no alternative plans to minimize each threat nor are there any plans for how to be competitive should a competitor arise. Kudler only considers other gourmet shops as competition they should also consider, grocery stores that sell gourmet foods a competitor. Then they should focus on how to maintain their existing book of business. If Kudler developed their website so customers could place orders online that would give them a way to expand while working on the risk management plans and the online based business would also help with the market research. A high concentration of orders coming from a specific location may be an indicator used to determine where to open a new store. Desired Resolution Kudler Fine Foods will be able to expand all facets of the business and have a risk management plan in place to counter act competition entering the market. Kudler will expand in to locations where they will be successful. Kudler will also have an effective and efficient model for future expansion and growth. Conclusion The goal of Kudler Fine Foods is expansion and growth while increasing profit and the current book of business. By doing the extra research and implementing a risk management program before opening a new location will increase the success of all three current locations and ensure the success of any future locations. It will also help Kudler organize and develop other facets of the business like the website. A little extra work goes along way and with the risk management plan in place and a new location market analysis model being used Kudler Fine Foods should be able to grow and meet all the organizations goals.

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Dignity, Potential, and Uniqueness of Each Students

Dignity, Potential, and Uniqueness of Each Students Hashtag: #PSYDignidad Dignity, Potential, and Uniqueness of Each Students Dignitas, Latin for â€Å"intrinsic worth† or dignity is not only used as a guiding principle for human rights (ex. Article 1 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights) but used to balance with other fundamental liberties and rights such as academic freedom and freedom of scientific research.   For instance, although academic freedom includes the right to seek, discover, and assert important truths, they need to adhere to the human right to equality of status or equally treat all human beings regardless of their performance, intellectual capacity and achievement . For one the chief conditions of human dignity according to the literature is human possessions and achievements, academic freedom normally places the value of rational and scientifically acquired truth about the world, man, and his works at the core and recognizes the obligation to teach and act in a manner that constitutes dignity, maintain and protect the order in which academic activities are performed effectively. Secondary schools, for instance, are often concerned in providing equal educational opportunities for all students regardless of race, social class, gender, or ability. Universities, on the other hand, are higher educational institutions known for advancing human dignity through a type of education, nurturing liberal ideals such as critical thinking, moral reasoning, ethical responsibility and duties towards others. Since academic institutions commonly recognize that students have different backgrounds (i.e. ethnicity, race, etc. ), sexual orientations, political, relig ious, and educational beliefs and learning needs, measurements of students academic and personal achievement are often done in an environment of respect and justice. In relation to scientific freedom, the freedom to research is limited by the recognition that human dignity is inviolable, respectable, and must be protected from harmful experimental research, such as those disclosing genetic abnormalities, altering human genome, implanting computer in the brain, or administering drugs that can enhance or destroy human memory. Note that the 1997 Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights urged UNESCO to take actions regarding the consequences biological and genetics studies and emphasized the need to respect human dignity and prohibit discrimination based on genetic characteristics. You may be interested in: Is High IQ a Guarantee of Academic Success? Who and What Deserve Respect? The Value of Academic Debate Womens Right to Education Practice What You Preach At school, respect and care for the rights or dignity are not only applied to human, but to non-human or animal subjects. Similar to a human being with inherent moral dignity and basic rights, treatment of animal subjects is also justified on moral grounds thus science experiments must respect the animal’s dignity. For instance, regardless of improvement in their well-being, schools should not encourage or allow their students to conduct genetic alteration or any experiments that would inhibit animals from performing their normal functions. Preserving Human Dignity in Academic Setting Educational institutions are mostly aware of students’ rights and developed policies reflecting a range of intended educational, spiritual, social, and moral outcomes. A Catholic school in one study, for instance, intends to create a school environment where there are respect and trust, and policies that value and support each student and staff. Aside from quality education, the school is set out to create an enjoyable atmosphere in which everyone’s dignity is acknowledged, nurtured, and protected. Through social, moral, physical, spiritual activities, and recognizing and celebrating students’ achievements, other schools hoped to encourage all students to strive for academic excellence and enhance their dignity as a person. Some catholic schools, according to the study, are focused on social justice, common good, and community service   and developing their students to become responsible member of society by carrying out economic and social activities promoting equality and justice, helping the poor, and   the recognition of dignity and worth of   our brothers and sisters around the world.

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Cuban Missile Crisis - Political Theory Analysis Essay

Cuban Missile Crisis - Political Theory Analysis - Essay Example sed the tension between the US and the Soviet Union increased to an extent that the US Navy ships opening fire and engaging in warning shots as a way of calming down the situation. After the 1945 incident, the US was not ready to permit any nuclear war especially on their ground and it is for this reason that the Kennedy administration decided to play it cool. In October 28, 1962 14 days after the confrontation started, a resolution was reached. The US made a national promise never to attack Cuba secretly and the Cuban administration agreed to dismantle the Soviet Union missiles and ordered them back to USSR base. Moreover, the US decided secretly to dismantle all US built Jupiter IRBMs nuclear weapons that it had deployed in Turkey and Italy in preparation for a war against the Soviet Union. After having summarized this case study, we shall apply specific theories in an attempt to consider the conflict resolution process that may have led to peaceful resolution of the missile crisis considering that this was a very dangerous mission. In this paper, I am going to look at the Cuban missile crisis through the lens of three different theories. The first theory will be about the process approach based on theoretical framework as developed by Zartman and Druckman’s model. The second approach will be the Prospect theory as proposed by Haas and finally the Simple Game theory as developed by Zartman. According to Druckman, international negotiation is a process, which considers various factors such as political affiliations, economic impact, foreign policies and the side effects of the negotiation (Druckman 327). According to Druckman, the process of negotiation begins from a bottom to up process referred to as building a package. Druckman suggest that during the formation... Cuban Missile Crisis has been a subject under serious discussions and studies as many scholars aim at finding out how to apply the principles and theories of conflict resolution that led to the end of a 14-day crisis amongst the world superpowers. From this study, we learned about the process theory, which summarized that conflict resolution is a process that requires negotiation. We considered factors like the mission, aim, strategies, and reference points. We have studied also about the Druckman and Zartman contribution to the Cuban missile crisis. We have also learned about the simple game theory, which is a process that aims at maximizing the outcomes of the negotiations through several considerations. We have also learned about the prospect theory and its application to the Cuban Missile Crisis. The theory is summarized as follows. â€Å"When individuals perceive themselves to be experiencing losses at the time they make a decision, and when their probability estimates associat ed with their principal policy options are in the moderate to high range, they will tend to make excessively risky, non-value-maximizing choices†.